Looking For Free Beats?

If you are a musician or rapper looking to take advantage of getting free beats, all you have to do is become an official host on the BIGO Live app, and ask about our Free Beats program. We work with some of the industries top musicians, rappers, producers, song writers, and singers and we can get you connected with the tools you need to further your music and live streaming career. There are also showcase events available to get you the maximum exposure for your budding music career.

To be eligible for these great opportunities you will need to apply to become an official BIGO Live for one of the best BIGO agencies by applying at www.rsquaredtalent.com and don’t forget to ask about our Free Beats program. Make sure to also ask about our Livehouse and Featured Hour opportunities as well! There isn’t a better time to become an official live streamer on one of the most popular social media platforms.

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