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Are you interested in becoming a live streaming broadcaster on one of the most popular social media apps in the world? Your earnings have uncapped potential if you have a good attitude, great content, and put in the time and effort required. All you need is a smartphone and internet access to get started, and there are no out of pocket expenses ever! Broadcast yourself to over 400 million users globally and earn the money you deserve. Find your success today by applying for a leading BIGO agency in North America.

Hosts must be age 18+ and physically located in the US/CA without the use of a VPN. 

Get Ready To Broadcast Yourself


We are looking for exceptionally talented people who can entertain and engage with a crowd!


Broadcast yourself for 30 minutes to 2 hours every day. Showcase your talents & personality!


Your fans will send you gifts and show you their admiration and affection. You’re so popular!


Earn Money

You will be able to cash out your gifts for real life money! You’ll earn a great commision plus tips for your progress!

Costs / Tools

Many opportunities promise a big paycheck but only if you pay a fee to join their club or buy a starter kit. There are no fees or costs whatsoever, and you will never be asked to spend any money to begin.


Your content must be family-friendly and breaking the community rules will result in you being banned from the platform without warning. Make sure to learn the rules. 


You will earn your salary based on the number of gifts you receive each month. This is broken down in a tiered structure so that when you hit each of the individual goals, you reach a higher salary.

Getting Started Is Easy

Step One

Find the link to the application at the top of the page. This will begin our communication process. Make sure to fill out this application completely. We will reach out to answer questions and to explain the onboarding procedure.


Step Two

Download our mobile app, create an account, and prepare the audition materials as explained during onboarding  The audition is simply a headshot video of you stating your name and describing what you will live stream.


Step Three

Audition results are usually shared within 48 hours, so please be patient. Your welcome letter will come via email within 24 hours of passing your audition. From there, our staff will teach you the ropes and get you set up for a path of success.

RSquared Blog

Latest News / Information

Do you want to keep up with the latest stories, information, and news from RSquared Talent? Go and check out our very informational blog at www.rsquaredtalent.com/blog. Here’s you’ll find all kinds of stories related to livestreaming, BIGO Live, and tips and tricks to being a top streamer on the app. We’ll also post when there’s rule changes, or any other notable information to pass along to the public. We’re excited to share this knowledge and information with you!

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