Joining RSquared Talent As A Gaming Host

(If you have not been contacted by a staff member of RSquared and you just stumbled upon this page STOP and fill out the application first by visiting Do not proceed until this has been done.

Beginning the On-Boarding Process

Are you ready to move forward with the onboarding process? You’ve read everything on the website and know the rules and understand the expectations and now you’re ready to continue with the audition. If you haven’t already, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, where a lot of the questions are already answered. If you still have additional questions, that’s ok! Just go back to our text message conversation and ask them!

Here are the next steps for you to complete and you’ll be on your way to being an official gaming host in no time. Please do not skip steps or do them out of order. (If something doesn’t work the way you expect it to, please let us know so we can try to help!)

Step 1: Download

You need to download two things to get started. The first is the BIGO Live app from your phone’s app store by visiting DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP unless you can commit to an audition in the next 12 days. Auditions can not be scheduled if your account is over 12 days, so as soon as you create your account, the clock starts ticking.

Step 2: Create Account

Create an account. For best results, use either your phone number or a gmail to create an account. Make sure you keep your phone number safe. BIGO will never ask for your phone number in your BIGO stranger messages, so don’t ever give your number out, unless they’re trusted friends. We will talk about ways to keep your account and identity safe during the training process.

Recommended Accounts To Follow:
During the account creation process BIGO will supply you with a list of accounts that you can optionally choose to follow. I personally don’t recommend following these people. This list was generated by an algorithm that I don’t personally agree with. I would choose to “SKIP” that part of the account creation process, but you can make that choice for yourself. Later in this onboarding process, we will give you a list of great broadcasters to follow. For now, lets just worry about getting you past the audition.

Step 3: Submit Profile Screenshot and Photo ID

Please supply us with a screenshot of your profile. We just need a photo of your profile showing your BIGO ID. It’s shown on your profile below your profile photo. The BIGO ID should remain as numbers at this point. You will change these later, but I want to make sure you pass the audition before burning up your unique BIGO ID. We will get to that step later in training. You’ll also need to supply a photo ID to verify age and identity. (Google requires you to be signed in to use this form.)

Upload those images here:

Profile Screenshot
Photo ID
THIS IS REQUIRED! If you don’t see this confirmation, then you won’t get an audition.

STEP 4: Download BIGO LIVE Streamer

Next up, you’ll need to download the BIGO Live Streamer by visiting There are a few instructions on how to go live on that page as well. The BIGO Live Streamer is like a watered down version of OBS, which many of you might be familiar with from streaming on other platforms. Please note that the BIGO Live Streamer app is only compatible with a Windows PC.

STEP 5: Schedule An Audition

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, return to your text messages and let us know you’ve completed these. We will then work on scheduling an audition for you. Scheduling is the most difficult and critically important parts of this entire process. There are very specific requirements that must be met here.

  1. Auditions must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance. Auditions lasts about 45 minutes and are completely stress free.
  2. Auditions can not be cancelled or rescheduled. If you miss the audition for any reason, your journey ends and you won’t get another chance. Please don’t schedule the audition unless you can FULLY COMMIT to showing up and going live at that time.
  3. Auditions operate in Pacific Time. 11am Pacific means, 12pm Mountain (+1), 1pm Central (+2), and 2pm Eastern (+3). Please pay especially close attention to this, as you’ll need to get use to converting between Pacific Time and your local time.

Step 6: The Audition

At the day and time of your audition you will go live using the BIGO Live Streamer. In order to pass the audition, you must be live at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time. You must have your audio and video in good working order, and you must have your face on screen, along with your game. You must be in the US or Canada regions.

Step 7: After The Audition

After you pass the audition you’ll need to fill out an additional form. The form will be request information such as:

  • Discord ID
  • Email and/or WhatsApp #
  • Agency Name
  • Family Name (If Applicable)
  • Provide link to images or cover graphics
  • Game Titles you will be playing (select options + ‘other’ description)
  • Platform Selection (PC, Console or Mobile)
  • First gaming show start date
  • What time the show will start
  • Select live show dates (Mon-Sun)
  • Show frequency (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Multiple Times a Week)
  • Show length
  • Rules & Rewards Acknowledgement
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