NEW! Easier Payout Target

Beginning in February 2022, the minimum number of monthly beans received for established hosts has lowered from 40,000 to 30,000. This means that official hosts in their second month and beyond will have an easier target to reach in order to receive a monthly payout. Take advantage of these easier goals if you’re trying to become an official host and get paid to broadcast.

Brand new hosts in their first full month still have an introductory target of 10,000 beans received as a warm up to get you started, so you can build up your fan base on this new live streaming platform. This allows you to focus your energy on making new connections and meeting new people, rather than fighting to reach the required beans.

However it’s worth noting that the best value for your time comes at the 90,000 beans received target. It’s at this mark where 30 hours will earn you $800 USD. That works out to be over $26/ hr* plus bonuses for participating in official events like PKs and Livehouse

Some of the beginner level PKs and Livehouses pay between 500 beans to 2000 beans for 20-30 minutes worth of effort. That’s an extra $7-$28 per hour* on average! There’s never been a better time to get paid to go live!

For more information on becoming a paid live streamer, visit and find the apply button. There’s also a new gaming live program for those interested in Twitch-style game streaming.

* This is not an hourly position. These hourly rates are based on completing required hours and gifts received goals each month. Addition bonuses paid for participating in events are paid as a flat rate amount 2-3 weeks upon completion.

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