Importance Of Punctuality

Time management is a critical skill in any professional setting – and life in general. Punctuality, aka being on time, shows those around you that you are to be taken seriously and can be trusted with responsibility, and it also becomes a part of your personal brand as an employee or member of the community. You may miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities by showing up late and these opportunities could be the moments you were waiting for to chance your current situation.

Punctuality shows that you are organized. Somebody who doesn’t arrive on time is often looked at as somebody who is untrustworthy and unorganized. Being late, or not honoring your commitments, is sometimes viewed as being lazy or inconsiderate. People who understand the importance of being on time, are serious about their responsibilities and care about their person growth, as well as those around them.

This is why it is ever-so-critical, to make sure that when you schedule an audition with RSquared Talent, you honor and meet those expectations that you set. The audition process is simple. You choose a time when you are available, you show up on time, and you perform your talent or engage with your audience. There is no pressure, except that you show up on time when you say you are able to. We do not choose your audition time. You choose the time. Which means please don’t schedule an audition unless you are 100% certain without a question of a doubt that you can make it.

Failure to show up on time, makes you look bad, and it makes us look bad too. Which is why we have adopted a no tolerance reschedule policy. If you cancel or try to reschedule within 24 hours of the audition date, there will be no second chances, and no exceptions to this rule. If you can not even show up on time on the first day, what makes us think that you won’t have punctuality issues in the future? Unfortunately, there are just too many people who show up on time to make exceptions for those who can not. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

I’ll leave you with these iconic Eminem lyrics, and I ask that you read through them a few times:

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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