Report A BIGO Account For Harassment

BIGO Live doesn’t tolerate harassment and bullying and you shouldn’t have to tolerate it either. If you ever come across somebody on BIGO who is causing you problems, you need to report it immediately.

How Harassment Is Defined:

BIGO Live defines hateful content as health-harming mistreatment of one or more people by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that includes:

• Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating behaviors.
• Work interference/sabotage that prevents content from being made.
• Verbal abuse.

Such behavior violates BIGO Live’s Code of Conduct, which clearly states that all broadcasters will be treated with dignity and respect.

How To Report Harassment / Bullying

Open up the person’s profile, and click the “manage” button in the upper left hand corner. You may also find the dots in the upper right hand corner of certain areas. Find the part that says “Report”

If the person is harassing you during a live stream, you may choose to screen record the violation. The important thing to make sure, is that the video is less than 15 seconds, and includes the BIGO ID during the screen recording, along with the violation. This can be very complicated to capture all at once, but it is critical to ensuring that the evidence is recorded so it can be reviewed properly.

Send this screen recording to either your family or agency leader first. After you’ve done that, and it can be reviewed by your direct leader, you can email it directly to the feedback at BIGO. Your family and agency leader have quicker response and a closer relationship with BIGO so you will want to go that route first. They may also be able to offer mediation advice before getting BIGO involved.

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