How To Flip Beans For Profit

Many people come to BIGO Live because they have content or talent that they want to promote and live streaming is a great way to gain exposure and make extra money. Did you know that you don’t need to be a great content creator or have talent to make money as a live streaming broadcaster? It’s very simple when you follow our proven method and you don’t even have to spend any of your own money.

Beginning in December 2022, BIGO Live has introduced an official event called Power Rebate Auto Rewards event which offers a bonus of 90% or 80% or 75% rebate on any beans you receive during a specific one hour time block of your choosing. Some of the region’s top broadcasters have figured out a mathematical way to use this to their advantage by working together and trading beans during their events to make a profit. All you need to make this work is a few partners who already have beans in their account, and a little bit of trustworthiness.

The first thing you’ll do is network with other BIGO Live broadcasters and explain that you are trying to do business with them. You’ll need to have a firm agreement in hand before you make any moves. People get burned every day because they make bean transactions without setting an agreement up in advance. Explain to this host that you are trying to do a 90% Power Rebate event and you need their help. It’s important that you’ve already signed up for and received admittance to one of these power rebate events.

The next step is to get that broadcaster to send you the required beans. Many of these events have a maximum number of beans that you can receive as a reward, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t go over this amount as those beans will be wasted. For some of the 90% rebate events, the maximum reward is 40,000 beans, which means you’ll need exactly 44,444 beans received to max out the rebate and earn the 40,000 bean reward.

If you can get somebody, or a series of people to send you 44,444 beans in a total of 9 of these 90% rebate PKs, you’ll have received a total of 399,996 for the month, which has a cash value of $1,904.74. In addition to the cash value of the beans, you’ll have earned a rebate of 360,000 beans, which has a cash value of $1,714.28. Then on top of that, assuming you can find 4 additional beans somewhere else in the month, and reach the 400,000 monthly bean tier, you’ll get a monthly payout of $3500. All of that together totals $7,119.02 in total revenue for the month.

To pay your debt, that is to give back to the broadcaster who helped you reach these rebate marks, you’ll have to send an equal number of beans back. These beans are send to your partner in the form of diamonds, and the total cost of 400,000 diamonds will require 1,420,551 beans, which is equal to $6,764.53. This exchange will net you a profit of $354.49 not including any additional organic support you earn along the way, or any bonus beans you earn from activity rewards.

You just made almost $400 in profit without actually spending any of your own money, and you did it legally and ethically. In this example you reached the 400,000 beans tier, and there’s earning opportunities all the way up to the 4,000,000 beans tier which pays a staggering $30,000. If you use this same system, and scale up after you successfully trade, your earning potential is limited only by your ability to network and the trust you’ve built.

If you’re interested in starting this journey and making money as a live streamer, even if you don’t have any talents or content visit and apply to become an official BIGO Live host. It’s free to join and everybody in the United States in Canada who are at least 18 years of age or older can apply.

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