FAQ: How Long Will I Be Streaming on BIGO Live for Optimal Earnings?

To maximize your earnings on BIGO Live, the platform has a tier-based payout structure where the potential remuneration increases with the number of hours you commit to streaming. For example, at the base tier ‘N’, you’re required to stream for at least 30 hours to achieve a Beans Goal of 5,000, which corresponds to a payout of $105. As you progress to higher tiers, such as ‘S20’, you must stream for 56 hours to reach a Beans Goal of 4,000,000, resulting in a much higher payout of $36,000.

It’s important to maintain a consistent streaming schedule since each tier also stipulates a minimum of 0.5 hours and a maximum of 2 billable hours per day. This means that streaming beyond 2 hours a day won’t count towards additional earnings for that day. Strategically, you could stream for one hour every day or two hours every other day, depending on what fits your routine best while meeting the monthly hours requirement to qualify for full remuneration. Remember, the more hours you’re willing to dedicate, the higher the tier you can potentially achieve, leading to greater earnings.

RSquared Talent pays its hosts at a different rate than the standard default recommended tiers that other agencies pay their hosts. While the hours requirements remain unchanged from the standard, the payout is higher so if you’re not an RSQUARED host, then our tier chart won’t apply to you.

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