RSquared January Super Dragon Raffle

Here are a list of all of the entries I have for the January Super Dragon Raffle. Please make sure you send your entries to your team chat. When I’ve updated this sheet, I’ll reply in your team chat that the sheet has been updated. Remember that unless I get a screenshot of the proof sent to your team chat, the entry won’t count. Make sure you get those screenshots submitted as soon as possible so I can verify and check on the entries. This raffle goes until midnight PST on January 30th.


Your supporters send either a Treasures gift (100 diamonds family gift) or a Family Shield (999 diamonds family gift) to any RSquared Host, and your job as the host is the screenshot that gift sent (the beans in the comments) and send it to your team chat with the following information: The Date, The Gift or Number of Entries, and their ID of the person who entered.

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