A Guide to Raffles On BIGO

You’ve seen tons of people posting banners and fliers on their bar talking about Family Shield and Super Dragon Raffles. This guide will show you how to run successful raffles on BIGO without spending any of your own money. If you use this system consistently and wisely, there is a great deal of money to be made on BIGO Live without having to do any kinds of trades. If you can execute the Raffle system properly, you’re only a few steps away from making bigger moves and getting closer to the glory and rewards you are searching for.

What Is A Raffle

A raffle is defined as: a lottery in which the prize is won by one of numerous persons buying chances. So what this means is that your players are buying entries into a contest. They are not offering a trade, they are not purchasing a service. This is important because on BIGO often times the culture dictates that if somebody sends you gifts, you have some sense of obligation to return some gifts to that broadcaster. This is known as cross-support. Entering a raffle is NOT cross-support. When people send beans to enter a raffle, they are effectively buying a ticket to a lottery, and as such they have a chance of winning nothing back in return.

Why Raffles Are Helpful on BIGO

As mentioned above, raffles are helpful because you can earn beans from users that you don’t necessarily have to send back. This is great because as users send you beans, you get closer and closer to your beans goal without having to spend any of your own money. You can use the beans you receive, which have a cash value on its own, and use that money to cover the cost of your prize. This is exceptionally helpful when doing a raffle where the prize is a beans or cash reward. 210 beans equal $1 USD on BIGO Live, and 9800 beans can be converted into 2850 diamonds. Use these beans received to cover your casts.

A Few Examples Of How To Do A Raffle

There are a few great options when determining what to raffle off on BIGO Live. My personal favorite option is to offer up a beans prize. The most popular options for Beans Raffles are Family Shield, Super Dragon, or Mythical Beast gifts. A family shield is a gift that costs 999 diamonds and is worth 999 beans. A Super Dragons is a gift that costs 9999 diamonds and is worth 9999 beans. A Mythical Beast, such as a Golden Dragon or a Nine Tail Fox, are worth 9000 beans and can only be earned by winning the lucky egg drawing.

Let’s take a look at one raffle example:

1 Crown – 100 Diamonds1 Entry
2 Crowns – 200 Diamonds2 Entries
5 Crowns – 500 Diamonds6 Entries
10 Crowns – 1000 Diamonds12 Entries
REQUIRES 3435 Beans To Cover Cost999 💎
Family Shield Raffle – Where 100 Diamonds is the Entry Fee

In this example to the left, this person is offering a Family Shield to the raffle winner. To enter the raffle, it’s one Gala Crown which costs 100 diamonds. You want to cover your cost, which is 3435 diamonds. So if you charge 100 diamonds each, you will need 35 people to enter to raffle to cover the cost. You will be able to send 999 diamonds to the winner and you will be able to use the beans that people send you to cover the cost. Plus on top of that you will be 3500 beans closer to your target and will have the extra push toward your goal.

Once you start getting more success on BIGO, especially with your raffles, you then can choose to increase the value of the prize. You can start giving away 9999 diamond Super Dragon gifts and charging a higher entry price. You can only do that once you’ve developed a following because people are not going to want to pay a high price until they know who you are. People need to develop a trust in you before they are going to be willing to send a large number of diamonds to try to claim a prize.

You need to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities and give your viewers a value. They will need a reason to come to your broadcast and you will need to give them a reason to return, and a raffle is an excellent way to do both of those things. Just make sure to keep a very good record of your entries and make sure to draw the raffle in a very timely manner. Some people choose to allow entries for the entire month, while others will draw as soon as they reach the number of entries to pay for the prize. You have complete control over which method you choose.

We will go over this with our hosts in more detail if you need help with this concept. To become a host on BIGO, visit our website and click the apply button.

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