Lets talk about payments and cashing out

Getting Paid

Broadcasters get paid based on a tiered reward system where the more gifts you receive from viewers, the more pay you earn. Hosts are required to broadcast a minimum of 30 hours per month and receive 40,000 beans. If you fall below these guidelines, you may not receive your full salary. Our top hosts earn between $20 – $200 per hour based on their performance. There’s potential to earn upwards of $400 per hour with a lot of work and great content.

Below is the tier chart that breaks down all of the hours and beans requirements. You will need to meet each of the requirements for that tier to receive remuneration.

Cashing Out

Payment comes each month “around the 8th” in the form of in-app currency. This currency can be converted into real-world cash by transferring it to Payoneer and then to your personal bank account or CashApp. This will be the fastest and easiest way to get your funds, so I recommend signing up for that now so it can be approved. You will also have the option of converting the beans you earn into diamonds and sending those out to other broadcasters. This is a quick and easy way to invest in yourself and grow your tiers higher and make even more money.

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