Learn A Great Livehouse Strategy

For those of you who perform in Livehouse on a regular basis, here’s a great tip to help you maximize your rewards. You want to get the most you can out of the beans you receive during the day. I’m all about strategy, and one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is Livehouse Strategy. Do not overlook the importance of utilizing this great strategy!

If you are on the list for Livehouse, your fans have the ability to vote for you all day in the livehouse. It doesn’t matter if you are the active performer in the Livehouse or not. Here’s what’s great about this. Supporters can send you gifts in the Vote Box of the Livehouse at the same time that you’re in a PK, and the beans you receive will count double! You’ll get the votes toward the Livehouse, plus your score in the PK will go up, even though the person gifting you isn’t even in your broadcast. Try to sign up for great rebate PKs on the same days that you sign up for Livehouse.

Livehouse Strategy
2500 Viewers in Livehouse is a great way to gain exposure

Here’s how it works:

You are on the Livehouse schedule at 1:00pm PST

You also have a 75% rebate Family PK at 8:00pm PST

Have your supporters go into the livehouse voting box and send you Maces during the 8:00pm PST PK. Your score will go up in the Livehouse, and your score in the PK will go up too! Have your supporters hold off throughout the day and send those votes during the PK. It’s a great way to maximize your beans and get more bang for any votes you receive. You should be telling your supporters during the PK to go and vote for you in the vote box in the livehouse. It’s better than them sending you gifts during your stream in the PK. I hope this tip is helpful for you!

For more great insider tips, don’t forget to check out the other blog posts on the RSquared Talent Host Blog. Don’t forget to take advantage of the signups and get signed up for great Agency PKs and Family PKs. There’s signups for the Livehouses too! Don’t miss out on opportunities to grow your bean stack!

Also, here’s another tip:

Being in RSquared Talent is a privilege that other hosts on the app don’t have. Don’t give away all of our secrets. Giving away the secrets to your friends, makes it harder to win because you have to compete against them now too. It also makes the probability of the rules getting changed higher, because too many people are taking advantage of the strategies. If you want to get your friends involved, invite them to become a host with RSquared Talent. Don’t worry about the agency percentage rules. Let us worry about it. We’re connected enough to be able to correct percentages quickly if we need to.

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