Investing On BIGO Is Investing In Yourself

A lot of people ask me to break down the strategy of BIGO and make it make sense for them. They don’t understand the value of investing on BIGO and need it explained a little further. “Why would I want to put money INTO the app, if I’m trying to cash money OUT of the app.” The answer is simple: REWARDS! Each of the PKs that are offered by BIGO Live in the US region, is an opportunity for you to earn money and make rewards. The trick is to ensure that a majority of your beans are earned during these events to MAXIMIZE the amount of money you earn from the app.

If I told you that you can spend $50 and guarantee that you make that $50 back PLUS $40 more dollars, it would be a no-brainer, right? Well, that’s exactly what investing on BIGO is. You have friends who are trying to earn the same rewards you are. They’re trying to hit higher tiers and you are too. So why not work together? You can support them, and they can support you, and together you can win!

So here’s the plan. Step 1: You need to build up your beans by doing participation PKs like Friendly PKs and Theme PKs. These are PKs that give you rewards just for showing up. You don’t need to get any beans at all, you just need to show up on time and perform the theme. This is a great way to collect free beans from the app and use them to invest in bigger PKs with bigger rewards. If you do a theme PK and a friendly PK every single day of the month, and get a score of zero and LOSE, you will earn 52,000 beans worth or rewards. That’s roughly 15000 worth of diamonds that you can send out to other broadcasters to build your tier up higher. These are not PKs you want to advertise or tell your circle about. Just show up and take the loss and collect the free beans.

Step 2: Sign up for high rebate PKs. These are the ones you WANT to advertise and send your circle to. These are the ones you strategize for. So let’s assume you spend the entire month of January collecting participation beans, and organic support beans in your solo broadcasts. Now you use February to invest your January host check (assuming you were able to earn at least 40,000 beans in January) and sign up for 75%, 80% or 85% rebate PKs. Call your team in and tell them when your PK is. Arrange to have them send slightly more than what you have on hand, because after you do your PK, you’ll have enough beans to cover the difference.

So let’s look at this example. If you have 134,400 beans in your wallet, you really have 39,000 worth of diamonds in your account, ready to send. So that doesn’t mean you have people send you 39,000 diamonds you need to have them send MORE! Aim for around 55,000 in this scenario because immediately following the PK, you’ll have 55,000 beans which converts to just under 16,000 diamonds. Your 39,000 diamonds, plus the 16,000 diamonds you’ll have after the PK, equals the 55,000 diamonds you need to send back to your team! So instead of just getting 39,000 in your PK, you now are over the 55,000 mark. You haven’t even factored in rewards, or the salary element of this process.

Now let’s consider that you are going to earn, in this scenario 75% rewards, because you signed up for and won a 75% rebate PK. That is going to earn you an additional 41,250 beans which if you want to cash out that $196 you can probably do that if you want, or you can use it to flip to try to reach that 90,000 tier. Me personally, I’m using that 41,000 beans and converting them to around 12,000 diamonds. You can use the same principal from above and inch closer to that 90k mark. 55,000 beans from the first pk, plus 15,000 beans from the second PK is 70,000 for the month. Now you have the option to try to get that last 20k organically, which might be hard depending on how established you are, or the kind of content you bring.

You might consider asking for a loan from another host who has 20,000 available for a trade who can wait until payday to get it back. If you hit the 90,000 tier, you’re going to have 168,000 beans (48857 diamonds converted) on payday that you can use to pay that 20,000 debt back with. You were going to make a profit by using your good credit to borrow money from a friend and pay them back when you get paid. If you don’t honor the agreement you make, word is going to get around and nobody is going to help you when you’re in a time of need.

You can use these methods to boost and build your tiers on BIGO if you build a great network of people, and put in the time and effort and choose your time and responses wisely. You need to be smart with your beans and diamonds so you can use them to invest in yourself and hit higher tiers. It’s all simple math and strategy and if you do it correctly, there’s almost no way to lose money. You just have to pay attention and build a strong team. You can’t do this alone. If you’re looking for a great way to recharge to get your best value for your dollar, I recommend reading this article by BIGO Discount Diamonds Store.

I hope this helps! If you have questions or need this explained more, don’t hesitate to ask the next time you see me. If this investment project is something you’re interested in and you’re not already a host, you can apply to become an official BIGO Live Broadcaster by visiting

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