Get Paid To Stream Video Games Live

Our platform partner has introduced a new way for it’s content creators to live stream. Beginning in November, the Gaming Live Program allows hosts to stream video games on either their mobile device, console, or PC and broadcast it to the over 400M users on the app. This new program offers an additional incentive for those who also are social live streamers on it’s main platform. To qualify for the extra incentive, hosts must stream a minimum of 20 hours in the Game Live setting, and must maintain an average of 15 viewers over the course of their stream. RSquared Talent hosts can earn up to an extra $310 per month after completing the Tier 4 requirements of the program.

In addition to the incentives for being a Game Live Program host, there are opportunities to participate in gaming live tournaments. Past tournaments have been held for games like Call of Duty Mobile, Fall Guys, League of Legends, and Among Us. Winners of these tournaments took their share of over $3500 in prize money. Do not let opportunities like this pass you up. Sign up to become an official host with an additional game live program by applying at

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