FAQ: Why Can’t I Get Started on My Own?

Embarking on a new platform, especially in live streaming, might seem like something you can manage on your own. However, there are compelling reasons to follow our guided process. With over five years of experience in this industry and having successfully onboarded over 100 hosts annually, we’ve refined our approach to ensure it’s smooth and effective. Our expertise enables us to navigate the nuances and specifics of the platform efficiently.

By going through our official onboarding process, you benefit from this accumulated knowledge and experience. We’re familiar with every step, avoiding common pitfalls that new broadcasters might encounter. Remember, you’ve already placed your trust in the information and guidance provided within these pages. Venturing out on your own could mean missing crucial steps or following advice from less experienced sources, which risks setbacks or starting over. With us, there’s no additional cost to you — just a structured path leading to success, leveraging our expertise and support every step of the way.

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