FAQ: How Do I Cash Out on BIGO Live?

Cashing out your earnings on BIGO Live is a streamlined process. As you engage with your audience and broadcast content, viewers may gift you ‘beans’, which accumulate in your account. Upon reaching your monthly target, these beans are converted into a cash value. There are two primary ways to utilize your beans:

  1. Convert to Diamonds: If you wish to support fellow broadcasters on BIGO Live, you have the option to convert your beans into diamonds, which can then be used to send gifts to other users on the platform.
  2. Convert to Cash via Payoneer: For a cash payout, the beans can be converted into real money through the Payoneer Global Payment System. Since BIGO Live is an international app based in Singapore, Payoneer offers the fastest and most efficient way to convert beans to cash. Typically, the process from beans to bank account takes about a day to complete.

To ensure a hassle-free transaction, it’s crucial to have your Payoneer account set up and linked to your BIGO Live account. This method not only makes the conversion process quicker but also more cost-effective compared to figuring it out independently. Following our guided instructions is the best way to ensure a smooth, speedy, and cost-efficient cash-out experience.

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