December Recruiting Incentive

As an additional incentive to our hosts, RSquared Talent will be offering 100 beans in family gifts (Gala Crown) for each referral who signs up using your BIGO ID at referral and schedules an audition. Then if they pass their audition, and reach at least the 40,000 tier, you will receive an additional $40 every month, for the life time of that host, as long as they maintain active and reaching at least the minimum tiers.


You invite your sister to join RSquared and she schedules an audition for December. She passes the audition but flakes out and doesn’t do the hours for the rest of the month, you’ll still get your 100 beans for the referral.

Let’s say she DOES do her hours, and reaches at least the 40,000 beans tier in the month of December, you’ll earn $40 for referring her to RSquared plus the 100 beans. If she reaches the 40,000 beans tier again in January, you’ll make another $40, and this will continue for the duration of the time that this host stays active and reaching tiers on the app.


All you need to do to begin the process is send your referrals to and have them apply using the apply link. Then make sure they put your BIGO ID in the section that asks for the referral. After they pass their audition and get added to all of the chats, I will reach out to you and let you know that your passed the audition and that you are eligible for the referral.

Payouts are tracked on a Google Spreadsheet and paid out shortly after we all get paid by BIGO. Sometimes that is the 7th, sometimes it’s the 14th, but as soon as that pay hits Payoneer and can be transferred over to you, I’ll do it. You have your choice of getting the beans equivalent sent to you, the diamonds recharged, or the cash to your CashApp. When you earn over $600 per year in referrals, I am legally obligated to report your earnings to the IRS and issue you a 1099. When we get to that point, then payments will be automatically direct deposited.


The extra 100 beans incentive is only good for the month of December, but the referral program as a whole is continuous and will not expire as long a RSquared Talent is actually in existence. We have hosts that have earned more money referring hosts to RSquared than they earned as a host. They used that money to jump start their careers on BIGO and now they make upwards of $2000 every month between their host salary and their referral bonus.

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